TruHomes Perks


TruHomes Perks

Our TruHomes Perks gives you the Extras – upgraded features at no additional cost. Recessed lighting, 2×6 construction on our addition projects, not just contractor grade white, paint but chose the colors your family will love. Take advantage of a custom Designer Package – with professional interior designer solutions with lighting, trim, color palettes and more.


Our team uses temporary floor protection on your home while we are inside. The floor protection we use protects against water, paint, mud and more. Our floor protection covers many different types of flooring such as concrete, wood, tile, stone, linoleum, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and epoxy, to name a few. In addition, we also use heavy-duty, flexible doorjamb protection that snaps into place without the need for tape or adhesives.


When in your home, the TruHomes team is going to work. That work may create dust, garbage and debris. As a result, we assemble dust barriers out of fire-rated poly or other materials creating a barrier between our work area and the rest of your home. We used a variety of different type or door entrances from magnetic, to zipper doors built in to the dust barriers where needed.

We also unlike the majority of our competitors use air scrubbers to clean, scrub and change the air in the areas we are working. Dirty air will be filter through HEPA filtration, with 90.00 – 99.7% filtration efficiency occurring and producing clean air in the work space not only for out team members but for the safety and health of our clients, their families, and their homes.


We also don’t require you to be home during the construction and remodeling process. We will provide a lockbox to be used at your home so our team can access your property during working hours.