Do you feel like your home is tight and cramped? There is no playroom, no guest bedroom, small closets, and needing more room for everyone to grow? If you’ve already made the best use of what you already have, it might be time to dig down, go up or build out. If an addition makes sense with your home’s structure and site, building out, rather than up or down, can be more affordable. But there’s still plenty to think about before getting started.

Save the hassle of moving and stay some where that has sentimental value to you. Should you be considering just a single room added to a place or a multi story room addition TruHomes has the ability give you that.

Adding an extra room or wing to a house can be a great way to transform a property into a new oasis.

Expand Your Property

Room additions can add considerable value to an existing property, a 2 or 3 bedroom property that has an extra bedroom added can increase the value by up to 30% and even more value in a much desired area. People always need more space, especially with a growing family. And what better way to get that space than having a room addition that not only gives you a fantastic new look to your place, but also adds a practical sense to a problem you might have been facing.

Experienced Home Addition Contractors

Our teams has the knowledge, skills set and experience to provide a safe environment and keep you in that property while the additional work is going on. Framework will go up quickly and the cosmetic look will blend in with your existing property to make it look identical. We will always suggest to you if you are having a room addition built on to the property to have the whole place painted so the whole building looks brand new. Not only will it give it jaw dropping , “WOW!” factor but it will also add value to the property by making it visually appealing.

From Start To Finish, You Can Trust Our Team

The best thing we suggest is to give TruHomes a call and discuss some of the ideas you have in mind. We will talk to you through the home and room addition process every step of the way, not only providing design support but architectural support to make sure the addition is up to state code and practice. Always know that a registered/licensed contractor will have your back and provide you fantastic customer service from start to finish.