We are either licensed and/or registered in the states of NJ, PA, and Delaware.  We carry general liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and a dishonesty bond. We also require all of our subcontractors to have general liability insurance(no exemptions) and workman’s compensation as well (unless exempt by law).  

Note: If you would like to hire us to work in your state and we are not licensed or registered in your state, please give us a call and we can partner with a local company in your area. 

We operated with a smaller team to provide great craftsmanship and detailed results. Our major addition and remodeling projects typically take place in 3 – 6 months.

All projects are different, and not all projects need the same type of permits. However for any structural modifications, or additions, a building permit will be needed.  

We only work with other licensed and/or registered subcontractors.  A list of the subcontractors that will be working at your jobsite will be provided to you and determined during one of our pre construction meetings.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years.

Our warranty doesn’t include any manufacturers, suppliers, or vendors, defects.  However we will assist and attempt sure your defective products are repaired or replaced

No, an estimate is just an estimated cost of the project based on the current market rates or materials and the estimated labor time it would take to complete a similar project. However there are many unknowns that can later be discovered. We will go over that with you during our meetings and plan accordingly to have a budget built in for incidentals.

We don’t charge for the actual change order itself, however we may charge additional fees if the change order affects labor and material cost, as well as affect our build schedule (timeline).

Typically we handle all issues immediately to keep our customers happy and to stay on target and on budget.

Typically we like to have access to a clean and potable water source on site and restroom. If a restroom is not available we can have a temporary restroom brought on to the job site. Please keep in mind that additional expense will be charged to the client. 

Yes, we do. We have partnered with several companies to offer our customers financing options with terms, rates, and conditions that fit them specifically. Each client is different and each scope of work is different and each applicant.

Many homeowner insurance policies do provide coverage in a fire and sewage damage situation, some often rovid cover in water damage situations as well,  but you will need to contact your agent for details about your policy. The source of the water damage is important when dealing with insurance. We recommend for homeowners who may live in areas prone to flooding that they pay for special insurance that is gained through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Yes, TruHomes  can fix your fire/water damage and rebuild any areas of damage. As a one-stop-shop we are able to walk you through the entire process, lower your anxiety and stress. You will be working with a team of experts who are familiar with every detail of your project from beginning to end which is a huge benefit of working with the pros at TruHomes.

Pre-loss condition is the state your home or business was in before any damage occurred. TruHomes will return your property to its original condition. More often than not the space is returned back to your use better than it pre loss. By the time our pros are done working on your project, it would feel like the damage never occurred at all.