We know that remodeling and renovating your home is a daunting task that many people are confused as to where to begin. When you become a member of the TRUHOMES FAMILY we will make sure that you know that we take pride in our work and satisfaction that our friends and family are thoroughly happy and satisfied. Our founder makes that our number one goal and will do what it takes to get your project complete.  Here are a few reasons on why to choose us:

  • We provide free estimates
  • We are a local contractor, based in Burlington County, New Jersey
  • All of our craftsmanship is guaranteed
  • We provide top quality carpentry at a fair price
  • We have experience in a wide range of remodeling and renovation projects
  • We are Registered as Home Improvement Contractors in New Jersey, bonded and insured to include full  General Liability Insurance.

 In New Jersey and Pennsylvania theres is NO License for Home Improvement Contractors, however a person or business must be registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs and carry general liability insurance.

New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor Registration #: 13VH08692400

Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number #: PA129034

A+ Rated General Liability Insurance

A+ Rated Bond Company

What is Insurance?

General liability insurance (GL) protects the homeowner from bodily injury, property damage or personal injury. In the event there would be damage or loss to a home or structure due to a contractor’s negligence, your homeowners property insurance won’t likely cover the damage. Most policies explicitly exclude damages caused by contractors. It would be necessary for the contractor’s general liability insurance to cover this damage. If the contractor is not insured, you are at risk.


What is a contractor’s bond?

Bonding protects our friends and family if for some reason TRUHOMES fails to complete a job, doesn’t pay for permits, or fails to meet other financial obligations, such as paying for supplies or subcontractors or covering damage that workers cause to your property. Reliable and Trustworthy companies pay a premium to a surety company to be bonded. All of our estimates / contracts included a provided bond number and certification, through which you can confirm that TRUHOMES is properly bonded. In addition, you can contact the surety company directly if work isn’t completed or you believe it’s subpar.

REMEMBER it’s important to do your research before you hire a contractor!!!

There have been instances where individuals or companies claim to be “licensed” and insured however in reality they are not. It is only after an incident occurs in your residence is when you find out that they do not have a business license, nor are they registered to do home improvement work in your state.  To make matters worse they leave you stranded with an unfinished job, a damaged home, and you have to track them down on your own because in the majority of cases it is civil, not criminal offenses.  If they were not registered they most likely did not have insurance as well. In some case contractors are registered but don’t purchase insurance to protect not only their clients but themselves. Why? We don’t know.  While the license is issued by the state, the insurance is backed by an insurance carrier. Contact information for verification purposes is listed on the insurance certificate, as is the expiration date of the policy. Asking to see the license and certificates of insurance is your best protection. Reputable companies like TruHomes LLC. are happy to provide proof of adherence to laws and regulations designed to protect both you and them. Contractors that cut corners on licensing and insurance and put that risk on you are much more likely to cut corners when working at your home.

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